#LWD : Little White Dress

Hey Y'all!

A little white dress is so over looked and underrated! 
You know how an #LBD, little black dress, is a staple purchase?
So, is a little white dress. Here are the reasons why...

There is nothing a pair of SPANX can’t fix!
— Sommar

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a White Dress

  • It is easy to accessorize. You can go with black, all white, ANY color that suits your fancy white looks great with it.
  • Every girl in ANY size looks good in a white dress. TRUST me on this. It's all about the FIT and a great pair of SPANX. Let me say it one more time. THE FIT is the most important. Also, there is nothing that a great pair of SPANX can't fix!
    My favorite pair of Spanx are Assets by Spanx in Target. FYI, if Jada Pinkett Smith wears Spanx then none of us are above wearing one. They are your friend and a perfect foundation. Buy the Spanx. Buy the little white dress!
  • Your friend or a friend of a friend is going to throw an all white party in either the summer or winter and you will be on a witch hunt to find one. There is nothing worst than trying to find a SPECIFIC (or as I like to say, pacific as the ocean) outfit for an event because it seems as though you can never find wha you need when you need it. It NEVER fails! You've been there before. In essence, stay ready so you never have to get ready!
  • Look for a white dress NOW while there are sales. Gone are the rules of wearing white between the Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays. Whether it's pure white, off white, oatmeal or winter white the color can be worn all year round.
  • Your tan will never look better. When I wore this white dress I had just came fresh off of vacation and had an awesome tan. I made sure I moisturized with my Honey Baby Naturals Body Jelly from head to toe. The white dress POPPED off my skin. It will make you feel like a million bucks. 

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You know I had to do a little shopping for you guys to make this easier for you.
Shop the looks below to get inspiration or buy directly. Majority if not all are on sale!
PLEASE NOTE: you will more than likely see me wear this dress again. :-)

- Get the Deets -

| Style Shoot Photographer | - Ondia J |
| ASOS Bonded White Skater Dress | - Sold Out | 
| Lulu Block Heel Sandals | - Target |
| BCBG Multi-Color Beaded Purse | - Sold Out |
| My Girl Sunnies | - Sold Out | Similar Here |

Are you hesitant on buying a white dress? Let's Discuss! Comment below because Sharing is Caring!

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