Story Time: In Order to Disrupt, You Have to be DISRUPTED.


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Hey, Y'all!

Grab ya coffee or glass of wine and let's chat!
I know, I know, it has been awhile since we chatted. I have some great content and tools to share with you guys but first I thought let me give you a glimpse into what has been going on with me lately. At the start of 2018, like most of you, I was pumped, hopeful and ready to kick ass and take names. I came up with the concept of "The Blogcast" and I was excited to launch and share it with y'all. I created a business plan with my team and planned out my blog and social media strategies.
I was ready to DISRUPT 2018 (so, I thought.).


I chose the word DISRUPT for my word of 2018 because I feel as though I am an underdog in my industry and I needed to challenge myself outside of my comfy box. And the thing is I like the concept of the underdog. They are typically underestimated and you can't see them coming.
Besides, one thing I say to keep myself humble and centered is,
"NO ONE KNOWS YOU, SOMMAR!" (and with that, no one owes you.)
No one knows you (insert your name). I don't care if I had 50k, 100k, 250k across all social media platforms. As long as I have to introduce myself to someone new, then No One Knows ME. So, I may have to disrupt some rooms and platforms in order to crush my goals.

So, the year started and I launched my first blogcast episode and it was a hit in my opinion. Many of you loved it, liked it, gave me great encouragement and constructive feedback. Then I got sick and lost my voice. FOR 2 WEEKS! I was so pissed for lack of a better word. To be honest I had a few thoughts swirling in my head and I allowed that incident to paralyze me until now. 
How crazy is that?!
In the spirit of keeping it real, fear set in and I allowed it to creep in, have a seat and set up shop. Prior to launching this project, I did not set myself up for success. I also realized you have to be careful what you ask for because Jesus was like, Oh you want to DISRUPT 2018, do you!? I got you! This whole experience forced me to disrupt some things about myself BEFORE I could go out to make my mark in the world. I thought I would share with y'all my experience because this may help somebody. 
I have 5 takeaways to share so let's go!



Disrupt those false thoughts.

"Feelings aren't facts." - Myleik

How did I start to disrupt those false thoughts?!
As I was saying earlier, back in January after I launched The Blogcast I had gotten sick and lost my voice for 2 weeks and then it took me another 1 to 2 weeks to feel 100% myself. During this time I felt a range of emotions. At first, I saw the cup half full. I figured for this to be happening to me then I may be on to something big. Why else would the enemy try to attack me so quickly? On the other hand, I felt the negative self-talk creep in along with fear and anxiety.  Then I started to believe all of the things that were swirling in my head. By the end of February, I knew I needed to go back to therapy.
Thank God I did.
I needed someone to help me DISRUPT these negative thoughts. I also needed to understand why did I allow this set back to paralyze me. It was taking me too long to bounce back and that wasn't normal or cool.  I fell into a funk that I couldn't shake and my anxiety was on 10.
My therapist definitely helped me to dissect all of these emotions. It helped me to gain understanding and CONTROL. 



Research is Essential + Reading is Fundamental.

This here will be one of your superpowers.
By March my accountability group and I had decided that I needed to go on an official break. I wasn't feeling motivated or creative and I needed to figure out what my next steps were. One thing I realized I had STOPPED doing was taking in new content to gain inspiration. I started a list of goals and dreams that I knew I wanted to accomplish. I also asked some close friends, what do they do to gain inspiration. I already listened to podcasts faithfully so I started to get back into reading books which use to be one of my loves, Pinterest boards, writing, listening to music and stepping outside for at least 10 mins a day. You would be amazed what a little sunshine will do for you. I began to research my industry and my peers that I look up to like I did when I first started blogging. 
I became a student again. I remembered why you should never stop learning.   
(I share some resources I tapped into at the bottom of the post.)




Disrupt those Bad Habits.

Make a list and check it twice.
I had to be honest with myself. There were some habits of mine that were going to hold me back from disrupting anything! I felt God wrestling with my spirit. Making me uncomfortable with inconsistency, procrastination, laziness, lateness, etc. Anything that was going to hold me back from being great. 
My therapist always tells me that action begets more Action begets more ACTION.
Especially, positive actions.
Let me tell y'all, she ain't neva lied.
I started to listen to what God was telling me and He wanted to me to get my home in order first. I just had too much stuff (and still do to be honest, Lol). I started purging and organizing and it brought a new energy into my house. Even my husband could feel and see a difference in not only our home but in me as well.
The only way to disrupt bad habits is to MOVE into positive action.



Disrupt Your Beliefs.

If you thought you were praying enough. Scratch that. Pray some more.
This is when your Faith is tested. I am a Christian and I was raised in the church for anyone that is new here. It's easy to praise God when things are going perfect but can you find joy on the days that suck?! I knew God was speaking to me and telling me that this step has to be done in order for me to get you to the next level.
I have to DISRUPT some things about you that will not sustain you at the next level.
I rolled my eyes but I knew He was right. I put this process off long enough. I noticed on the days I wake up early, take 10 to 15 mins to set my intentions for the day, show gratitude and workout, my day goes so much better! I also, get 1-on-1 time with my homie Jesus.
I don't get this perfect every day but I am getting better and soon it will become a great habit of mine.



Seek Accountability + Support

Your people are here for great times and your messy ones.
It's not easy going through tough times by yourself. I know my circle has been a tremendous help to me over the last few months. I will admit, there were days I rolled my eyes (in my head) and didn't feel like doing any of the things they suggested HOWEVER I pushed myself to have an open mind and heart.
You want something different you have to do something different.
Asking for help actually helps if you ask the right people. Pray for discernment. Pray to know who should be made aware of this delicate situation. You need a circle you can trust. My husband, accountability group, mentor, close friends + family that I felt could understand what I was going through is who I tapped into. They helped me with resources, support and just lent an ear to listen to some days.
Sometimes, the light others provide can drive out the darkness in your heart and mind.

What have I learned from this process?! The more you know the less fear you will carry.
"You can either disrupt yourself or be disrupted." - Whitney Johnson. She also says, we all know that we need to change but sometimes we don't want to. It's going to be thrust upon us whether we want it or not. ( Whitney Johnson via Smart Passive Income Podcast Interview).

I want to challenge you today. What will you disrupt!?
Sound off in the comments below with this statement,
I will disrupt (fill in the blank)?
Comment below because sharing is Caring!

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