FCK The SCALE... Weigh-In Fail?!

Hey Y'all!

Insert Cee Lo Green's "F*** You" song as the theme of this post. 

Let me set the scene for you guys. It was a beautiful Monday morning. March 6th to be exact. I woke up in a great mood, ready to take on the day. I typically weigh in on Thursday mornings because that is the day I see my trainer. But for some reason I was feeling myself and decided to weigh in a few days earlier. 
Why Oh WHY did I decide to do that. 
I skip my happy a$$ over to the scale.
I pick it up.
Sit it down in the hallway.
Stand on it and...
it reads 3 LBS HEAVIER than the week before.

WTH! That can't be right?!

So, I step off the scale.
I step BACK on the scale.
It reads the same. 3 LBS HEAVIER. 

Oh HELL Naw! - Whitney Hutton voice.

Just to give you some context. I have been Yo-Yoing between the same 4 lbs since January. Last week when I was down 3 lbs I thought I finally was gaining some momentum. I was only 4 lbs away from my first weight loss goal. So how dare I be back up 3 lbs!
Now, I'm 7 lbs away from my first weight loss goal AGAIN.
So, here is my ode to the scale. My feelings & thoughts after experiencing this yet AGAIN. 


Dear Scale,

What you’re not going to do is FCK up my precious Monday (or week)!
Who do you think you are?! You do not own me.
This number that is reflecting on the screen is not a true representation of who I am.
Although, seeing this number makes me feel...
& FAT.
I know in the words of my big sister in my head, Myleik, these feelings aren’t facts!

These are the facts…
I have been working out since January. January 18th to be exact.
My face is looking SLIMMER & I love it.
I have lost inches in some places.
I have been following my eating plan to a TEE.
Alternative FACT.
Hmmmmmm.... Alternative Fact?!

So, let me share something with you all. Typically at this point in the program I pick up my ball and go home. For the last 2 years I have had the HARDEST time losing weight. It started with me trying to lose weight for my wedding. I lost some weight and shot back up by 10 lbs and could not move the number from their. I was devastated and felt like a failure. Although, my wedding pics look GORG I know I don't look exactly the way I wanted to.
So stepping on that scale brought up some unhealthy feelings about myself and my weight that I have been working hard to move away from. 

The first thing I did after stepping off the scale is hit up my 2 workout accountability partners. I sent them a tearful video message full of pissivity (yes, I made up the word) & defeat.

#1: I allowed myself to have the moment.

They both calmed me down & allowed me to have my "MOMENT". 
This was big for me. Acknowledging, my own feelings & being acknowledged by my others let me know I was not fully crazy!

One of my GGF's started yelling with me. She said, FCK You Scale. You don't Own Me! We are going to get through this. I instantly said, that's how I felt when I looked down on the scale and saw that number. She made me laugh, she made me cry & feel free!

#2: She helped shut down my negative thoughts & became my ride or die.
Even if it was just for a scale!

You need someone who is going to immediately shut down those negative thoughts & get you to laugh to keep from crying. Or do both! They are both healthy forms of feelings. 

My other GGF started asking me the real, deal questions. What have you been eating? You could have gained muscle. Are you taking in too much sugar? Maybe you should lay off the smoothies. Are you tracking your food? LET'S. Figure this out!

#3: She made me ACCOUNTABLE. Hence, accountability partner.

Remember the Alternative Fact I mentioned earlier?! If I look back over my diet over the last week I can say I could have ate better.
I probably have had one too many smoothies.
Too much sugar.
Not enough food.
Not enough water.
Not enough sleep. 
All of these components play a serious role in this program. I can be better at ALL OF THAT! Yes, I meant to say ALL OF THAT. 
The scale is a tool. That is all. It's a tool to gage progress. Be real with yourself regarding your progress.

So, instead of taking my ball and going home. I CHOOSE to stand.
Because let's face it. We all have a choice. I am going to roll back the beautiful bean footage & see where I need to edit, adjust, pivot and proceed. I am saying to you, if you are where I am right now Do. Not. Give. UP. 

#1: Allow yourself to have the moment.

#2: Go to someone that will shut down your negative thoughts & became your ride or die.
Even if it's just for a SCALE!

#3: Get an accountability partner(s) that will make you ACCOUNTABLE.
Hence, accountability partner.

This is the time to ADJUST not to QUIT.

It's easy to walk away but it take courage to stay, figure sh*t out & press on. We can press on together. Honestly & Truly, you are not ALONE.

Which is my way of saying FCK those Fake Feeling that aren't Facts.

What are you struggling with right now?! Let's support & motivate each other. Comment below because Sharing is Caring!

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